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My Oily Obsession

For the past few years I have been using essential oils. It started out as a DIY kind of thing; making my own soaps, sugar scrubs, lip balms, bug sprays (we live in the country!), pillow mists, and more. I love me a good DIY craft! Especially when it smells so good! And it really was fun.

I made some good things, and some not so good things. (laundry soap...fail) My point is, once I really started reading up on them, I got more interested in how they could help me, my family, and the environment.  It became more than just a DIY crafting thing. It turned into a way of life.

I don't about you, but when I use chemicals to clean, I get a headache! So, I started there, replacing my counter cleaner with an essential oil cleaner called Thieves. It worked great and smelled great! And, no headache! 

From there, I quickly realized that I could replace so many of my toxic cleaners, room sprays, candles, and over the counter medications with natural essential oils (Panaway was a game changer for my back pain!). I mean there really is an oil for just about everything! (Please see disclaimer below)

I am still learning as I go and I am constantly finding new recipes, diffuser blends, DIY hacks, and more. 

I love living the oily farm life. But listen, you don't have to live on a farm to live that kind of life. It's not about having farm fresh eggs (but I highly recommend them...yum!) or about having your own land, it really isn't even about the oils (stay with me) it is about attempting to live a more toxic free life. Living like they used to, farm fresh eggs, home grown veggies (no matter if you grown them or you purchased them at your local farm stand) It's about cooking at home and not eating out all the time, replacing chemical laden products with natural alternatives, taking small steps here and there to "extend our warranty". Bottom line...taking care of YOU.  

Who's with me?!

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Please don't hesitate to ask questions, believe me, I had a BUNCH when I first heard about essential oils. 

I would love to share with you how I use essential oils, how they have made a difference in my life, and how you can start making changes today toward a toxic free home.

Or, if you are ready to jump on board and start making toxic free choices, join my essential oil team! 

Just click on the link below. The premium starter kit is over $300 worth of product for only $160. You get 11 essential oils, a beautiful diffuser, a sample size Thieves cleaner to get you started, some of our awesome super drink Ningxia Red and more! PLUS you will then receive 24% off of retail FOREVER! What?! Yes! I know! It's an amazing deal! AND, (there's more?!) if you sign up through my link I will also send you a welcome gift! 

What are you waiting for! Join the Oily Farm life and take the first step toward a toxic free home!


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