About Us


Our life is a book of chapters. Some are filled with excitement, joy and new adventures, while others may be filled with tragedy and great sadness. No matter the chapter we are in, we always seem to make the best out of what life has given us. Each chapter is unique and ours to write, and they make us who we are.  The paths we go down were meant for us to either learn and grow from, or enjoy the possibilities and adventure. Each path is different and we walk by faith down them, knowing they have been put before us.


I do not lead an exciting life, but I love every minute of it and wouldn't change a thing. ​My family is my rock. My husband and three kids put up with my wacky ideas, push me to realize my potential and support me no matter what. They are each amazing, talented and uniquely gifted with the biggest caring hearts around and they make me laugh on a daily basis. They inspire me and encourage me to believe in myself.  

Tomorrow's Wishes...

As I go through the chapters in my life I am grateful to look back and see so many. I am truly blessed. I hope that you find my words and my photos inspiring and that you have many exciting and joyous chapters in your life. It is never too late to start over, to start something new, or to take a chance at following your dreams.  My wish is to be able to do what I love while making an impact on those I meet along my path, to be kind, to give back, and to simply make a difference in the lives of others.

What are your Tomorrow's Wishes? 

Tessa Lee - Just Being Me

Bullies. It’s such a nasty word isn’t it? We raise our children to be individuals, leaders not followers, to be their own person and to follow their hearts. To have a voice for those that have none, to step in when someone needs help and to stand up for what they believe in. To be kind, to give back, and to love unconditionally. To not let the bullies of the world, steal their joy. Easier said than done. When our youngest was being bullied, she decided to use it as a platform to help others.